Supercritical CO2 Tissue Processing

HCM Medical’s tissue processing is based on supercritical CO2 technology, a technology that is capable of removal of fat and cells from biological tissues.
Above its critical temperature and pressure, it acts as a supercritical fluid and has properties that hold the middle between a gas and a liquid.
For example, scCO2 has the physical (transport) properties of gaseous CO2 (high diffusivity, low viscosity, no surface tension) and the chemical (solvent) properties of liquid CO2 (high density and high resolution).
While cleaning tissues, fat will dissolve in the liquid CO2 and gaseous CO2 will penetrate the dense and complex structures of hard and soft tissues; blood and lipids will be removed from grafts, rendering a very low bioburden while maintaining the critical properties of tissue. As a result, the allograft better incorporates into the host, reducing healing and recovery time for patients. Surgical procedures can be performed quicker and more efficiently using products which have been manufactured specifically to the surgeon’s needs.