Contract Manufacturing

Human and animal tissue processing

Products and materials:
– In principle, all of the hard (bones) and soft tissues can be processed and re-used. The most commonly used methods for the processing of tissue causes damage that do not benefit the mechanical properties of the original tissue, for example, the use of tendons and ligaments. With the help of scCO2 and in combination with other existing techniques, tissues, both from animal and human origin, are processed into implants, for which up to this moment only few biological alternatives are available.
– Purification of molecules from biological material such as collagen from bovine tendon or pig skin, has a very extensive application in both health and the cosmetic industry.
– From a number of tumors it is known that, if the tumor tissue is processed and injected into the patient, the patient’s immune system can control the clean-up of residual tumor cells from the body. A tumor can be viewed as a autologous tissue, and can be processed, as such, under aseptic conditions.