HCM Medical as a Hightech Contract Manufacturing company

HCM Medical, also known as Hightech Contract Manufacturing Medical, is a Contract Manufacturing Organization specialized in the development and manufacturing of biological and biomaterial products.

Making use of different technologies, like Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE), Freeze-Drying, Electrospinning:

  • Tissues of human and animal origin are processed into unique and high-tech medical products for various applications.
  • Biomaterials are purified from tissues, like collagen and gelatin, and through Freeze Drying and Electrospinning shaped into 2- and 3-dimensional constructs for multiple applications.

For the manufacturing of medical implants, depending on the classification of the product, multiple manufacturing licensed are required and available.

An extensive knowledge and experience is available for the upscaling and validation of a production process; from formulation up to packaging and sterilization.

HCM Medical